Tournament «Gladiators Boxing», Kyiv, 21 Feb 2008

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K2 East Promotions will kick off the present year in the most impressive fashion possible. Two huge shows, both being promoted by the Kiev-based company, were announced by the K2 East promoter Vadim Bukhkalov and Vitali Klitschko, WBC emeritus heavyweight champion.

The first event will be held on February 21st in Kiev Sports Palace and will feature a potentially devastating, blood-and-guts thriller between two unbeaten light heavyweights Vyacheslav Uzelkov and Argentinian Julio Cezar Dominguez.

Uzelkov, 28, WBA #9 in 175lbs, is the reigning WBA intercontinental light heavyweight titleholder; he acquired his belt via sixth-round kayo over previously undefeated Spaniard Gabriel Campillo last September. However, Uzelkov was first scheduled to face hard-nosed American veteran Eric Harding instead of Campillo but that bout had been scratched.

In an ironical turn Ukrainian, who has won his last five fights via knockouts, was first slated to meet another veteran and former world champion Montell Griffin this time but American had to withdraw due to personal issues. Uzelkov is now 17-0 with 10 wins inside the distance.
Braimah Kamoko (23-0, 13 KOs), WBC #9, is an enigma for boxing fans around the world, as he has never fought outside of Africa and only four times not in his native Ghana. One can hardly find any familiar name in his ledger. Kamoko definitely will be for a hard task as his fight against Uzelkov comes only two weeks past his foreign-soil debut this Friday in Dubai against former contender Lawrence Chapman. However, when asked about the possibility of two battles for Kamoko in a row, Bukhalov underlined that he was aware of that fact but the fight with Uzelkov was still on.

Uzelkov said, I can ensure you that Ill be prepared better for my initial defense than I was prepared for Campillo fight. Though to defend is always harder than to capture the title I hope my next battle will be much more exciting for the fans. As for my future opponent, the only thing that I know is that I dont want my belt to go anywhere away from Ukraine, and Africa is included. I hope next for me will be a fight for one of the major titles. February 20 is my wifes birthday and I definitely tend to make her a nice present!

Also unbeaten welterweight teammate of Uzelkov Valery Brazhnik (16-0, 10 KOs) will be fighting for a minor WBC CISBB title against Georgian journeyman George Ungiadze (12-4, 4 KOs).

And EBU light middleweight titleholder Zaurbek Baysangurov (16-0, 12 KOs), who is rated #7 IBF, #8 WBC and #14 WBA, will be back to the ring for the first time since July against unknown German youngster Daniel Kaefer (8-3-2, 4 KOs) in a ten-round tune-up fight.


Vyacheslav Uzelkov [17-0-0, 10] W TKO 3 (12) Julio Cesar Dominguez [18-3-1, 12]

More about this fightLight Heavyweight (175 lbs)
WBA Intercontinental Title

Zaurbek Baysangurov [16-0-0, 12] W PTS 10 (10) Gheorghe Danut [7-8-4, 0]

More about this fightSuper Welterweight (154 lbs)

Valery Brazhnik [16-0-0, 10] W TD 9 (12) George Ungiadze [14-4-0, 4]

More about this fightWelterweight (147 lbs)
WBC CIS and Slavic Countries Title
Referee cards: 90-80, 90-82, 89-82

Maxim Bursak [12-0-0, 3] W PTS 8 (8) Vladimir Borovski [19-27-1, 9]

More about this fightMiddleweight (160 lbs)

Avtandil Khurtsidze [12-1-2, 8] W TKO 2 (8) Tagir Rzaev [5-40-1, 2]

More about this fightMiddleweight (160 lbs)

Sergey Fedchenko [18-0-0, 8] W TKO 2 (8) Assen Vassilev [12-15-0, 4]

More about this fightSuper Lightweight (140 lbs)

Vitaliy Rusal [17-0-0, 11] W TKO 8 (8) Denis Solomko [10-18-0, 2]

More about this fightCruiserweight (190 lbs)

Igor Bursak [3-0-0, 3] W PTS 4 (4) Andrey Agueyev [2-1-0, 1]

More about this fightSuper Middleweight (168 lbs)


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