Vyacheslav Uzelkov: I cannot let my fans down I have to come off best
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by Julia Dyachenko and Dmitriy Mikhalchuk

This coming Saturday July 18th Vyacheslav Uzelkov (20-0, 12 KOs), WBA Inter-Continental light heavyweight champion will step into the ring in a non-title ten-rounder. Uzelkov faces Istvan Varga (14-7, 5 KOs) from Romania. In the meantime Uzelkov is a mandatory challenger for WBA World light heavyweight title which now belongs to Spaniard Gabriel Campillo (18-2-0, 6 s). It is worth while noting that in September of 2007 Uzelkov and Campillo clashed in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine for vacant WBA Inter-Continental light heavyweight title and Uzelkov KO'd the Spaniard in round 6.

On the eve of the clash against Varga Vyacheslav shared his thoughts and expectations with us, told us about his participation in TV dancing contest I dance for you. Uzelkov also commented on last Campillos fight against Hugo Hernan Garay in which Campillo sensationally won the bout and WBA World light heavyweight belt.

- So, Vyacheslav, do you know much about Istvan Varga? Have you seen his fights?
- I did not see any of his fights what I know is that he clashed with Ukrainian fighter Yuri Barashian some years ago. However, the fact that I did not see his fights does not influence my training in any way. I always do my best during training period whatever it will be title fight or a tune-up bout. My friends, my fans and my team rely on me I cannot let them down, I have to come off best.

- How long have you been training for Varga fight? How did you manage to combine training with participation in dancing contest I dance for you?
- Dancing contest did not create any problems for my preparation! Far from it dancing became a part of my physical training. I started both training and dancing contest simultaneously. Thus in general I have been training since February.

- What did it bring you I mean dancing contest? Probably people started recognizing you face more often?
- Oh, sure now I even dont know how I can get rid of all this (laughs). I am very popular especially in my native town of Vinnitsa. I also made a lot of new acquaintances among celebrities. Many of them will come to Odessa to support me at Champions' Summer boxing tournament where Ill clash against Varga.

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Vyacheslav Uzelkov and Ksenia Gorb © 1+1 Studio
- What was more difficult for you: training in boxing gym and then fight in the ring or dancing rehearsals and contest on parquet flooring?
- Ive been boxing for almost all my life and was involved in dancing for 3 months only. We had to prepare each new dance within a week and for a man like me without any special dancing background it was quite a difficult task because of time pressure. However, my boxing background helped me very much indeed. Television audience can now evaluate the results (smiles).

- You did not box for rather long time. Did you feel any ring-rust when you finally started training? Was it difficult to get back into shape?
- Well, thanks to dancing I have been keeping myself in shape. No ring-rust, nothing at all.

- In your upcoming fight against Varga do you plan to win by early stoppage?
- I never plan to win by KO. This is professional boxing and such anticipations can only interfere with the success in the ring. I am longing for this fight because I am so eager to step into the ring again I feel at home when I box. I missed boxing very much!

- What was your reaction to the result of Campillo vs. Garay fight? Now it appears that you have a win over champion-to-be in your record. Did you expect something like that from Campillo?
- Frankly speaking the result was a complete surprise to me. But I was glad for Campillo. Hugo Hernan Garay is a very good fighter; his champion belt was a well-deserved reward for him. However, the result of his bout against Campillo was a vivid example of how a fighter should never underestimate his opponent. A fighters record sometimes may be deceptive.

- Did you see that fight? If yes what was your impression?
- Unfortunately I did not see the fight so far but I want to see it so much very soon I will clash against Campillo again.

- Do you think he improved markedly since you last boxed against him?
- Sure he did you see the result: a champion title.

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Vyacheslav Uzelkov vs Gabriel Campillo © boxnews.com.ua
- Can you say that Campillo was the most difficult opponent in your career? If not then who was?
- Each of my rivals was a difficult target in his own way and Campillo was no exception among them. I even do not know who was the strongest boxer out of those whom I fought against. I never thought about it.

- Do you have any info about your world title fight? When and where will it be held?
- Youd better ask my promoters about that. As far as I am concerned I am always ready both physically and morally; any time, any place.

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