Q&A: Vyacheslav Uzelkov. There are no professional athletes in our team; however, physically everyone is well-trained
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By Mikhail Shafir (Sportglavred)

As we informed earlier Vyacheslav Uzelkov (22-0-0, 14 s), WBA Inter-Continental light heavyweight champion and mandatory challenger for world light heavyweight championship will be at the head of Vinnitsa team which will take part in is a Ukrainian version of world famous extreme show Wipeout (The Battle of Ukrainian Cities in Ukraine). The contest is organized by Inter TV channel and Uzelkov is a playing coach of his home town Vinnitsa crew.

The competition will be held in the period from January 21st till February 21st in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and then Ukrainian fans will watch it at Inter TV channel at the beginning of March. Teams from all Ukrainian regional centers will compete in the contest which has got the name BOOM an abbreviation of Ukrainian name of the extreme show. Except Uzelkov there are no more professional athletes in Vinnitsa team instead there are two students, a lawyer and a pizza deliveryman.

One more boxer who fight under banners of K2 East Promotions will take part in The Battle of Ukrainian Cities as well Dmitrij Nikulin (20-0-0, 6 s), WBO European light middleweight champion has been elected captain of Melitopol BOOM squad.

Vyacheslav Uzelkov gave a brief interview to Sportglavred website in which he speaks about upcoming contest and his expectations that his team will win eventually.

- Vyacheslav, what was the procedure of contestants selection?
- All candidates had to go through two stages of casting, one was in Kyiv. They were checked for their physical condition, coordination of movements. There are no professional athletes in our team; however, physically everyone is well-trained. Our team is one of the youngest. That is why I think we have good chances to succeed in South America.

- Are their any boxers in your team?
- No, only me and I am the team captain.

- So all teams will include two guys and two girls, wont they?
- Yes, they will. It is a standard.

- Why The Battle of Ukrainian Cities will be held in Argentina?
- They have all necessary facilities and special equipment there. Many other countries conduct their national competitions of the same kind there too.

- How do you train your team?
- We run cross-country races regularly, jump, lift weights and improve reaction response-time and so on.

- So team members will be busy with the training only and nothing more no jobs or going to universities?
Yes, they will train under my tutelage.

- There is always an unlucky chance of coming back home prematurely, isnt it?
- I hope we will pass stage by stage. We are not going to lose we plan to compete for the whole month during which The Battle of Ukrainian Cities will go on.

- And what about your boxing career?
- For the time being there is some lull in it while my promoters work on my next fight I have time to take part in The Battle of Ukrainian Cities in Argentina. Of course, I will turn the contest to my advantage and benefit from it I will keep my shape.

How are your family and your baby son in particular?
- They are quite OK, thank you. My son Robert is seven months sold. He has already pronounced his first word as usual it was mama.

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