Hassan NDam NJikam on The Fight With Khurtsidze
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Hassan NDam NJikam
Hassan NDam NJikam © AP
This coming Saturday, hard-punching Hassan NDam NJikam (24-0, 17 KOs) will face former WBA Inter-Continental middleweight champion and EBA champion Avtandil Khurtsidze (22-1-2, 13 KO) for the interim-WBA world middleweight title. The fight takes place at the Palais des Sports Porte de Versailles in Paris, France.

How do you feel before this big event ?

HN : Calm, as usual.

How was your preparation?

HN : Good. I prepared well for this fight in Bazeilles of Ardennes in France.

What about your weight for the fight ?

HN : Everything is ok, 13 days before the fight I was already under the weight limit (160 lb) with no real privation. Mous Ouicher is asking me to eat more.

Isnt it a real problem to be under the weight ?

HN : Not at all, I prefer to be in this situation. Some have to starve themselves before the weigh-in, as for me its right the opposite, I am in top shape!

Concerning your sparring, whats you schedule for the next to last week ?

HN : After 160 rounds of sparring over the last four weeks I will slow down a bit with only 40 rounds.

Have you prepared something special for this fight ?

HN : My preparation always depends on my opponent, especially when I know his name in advance.

What does that represent to you, competing for the world title in a hall like Le Palais des Sports in Paris ?

HN : It has always been one of my objectives, this is the continuity.

But what does this fight represent for you ?

HN : A new step in my career.

What do you know about your opponent ?

HN : He is rather small (5′ 4″) and has an aggressive style.

Among your past opponents, who do you think is the most similar to Avtandil ?

HN : LUIS GONCALO JEFFERSON (God rest his soul) and also MARTIROSYAN

What are the the keys of the fight ?

HN : In a fight there is only one key, and I will find it along the way.

Fighting for the title in Paris, with family and friends supporting you, is it an advantage or additional pressure for you ?

HN : None of them, its a pleasure.

Did the decision of the WBA for an interim title discourage you ?

HN : Lies can last for years but the truth always comes out. Whats important for me as a boxer is to show to the WBA and other federations that I am the best with or without their belts, and with or without their ranking.

What do you think about people arguing that it just a world semi-final disguised in a world championship ?

HN : Those who like me support me and those who dont like me are against me but I need both of them. You have to endure heatness to appreciate coolness, my detractors are boosting my motivation and I must thank them for that, I need them, its a proof that I am there.

What message do you want to send to your fans all over the world?

HN : See you at Le Palais des Sports, Paris on October the 30th and keep following me, I still have many other surprises for you !

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